Headache Relief Hat Black

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  • Headache Relief Hat  by SuperPharmacyPlus available at SuperPharmacy Plus
  • Headache Relief Hat Black
  • Headache Relief Hat Black
  • Headache Relief Hat Black
  • Headache Relief Hat Black
  • Headache Relief Hat Black


Headache Relief Hats provide calming and soothing relief for headaches and migraines in three ways by providing gentle compression and cooling or heating action as well as a dark environment to alleviate the pain of headaches and migraines. Unlike others, our headache hats are designed with cooling gel on both the front and back to provide superior relief and compression.

Place your headache hat into the fridge or freezer for a superior cooling effect or microwave for 30 seconds* for a warm compress to relive tension and relax muscles.

The benefits of headache hats include:

  1. Cooling and soothing effect: headache hats can be chilled in the freezer or refrigerator, allowing them to provide a cold therapy effect when worn. Cold therapy has been known to help alleviate headaches by numbing pain and reducing inflammation.
  2. Targeted pain relief: Headache hats are specifically designed to provide coverage and relief to the head and neck area, where many headaches and migraines occur. The hat's design ensures that the cooling or therapeutic effect is concentrated on the affected areas, helping to alleviate pain and discomfort.
  3. Light blocking: Ideal for migraines where you may be sensitive to the light or even for shift workers wanting a good night (or day's) sleep, our headache hats block the light and provide gentle compression to the eyes to alleviate pain
  4. Convenience: Unlike traditional ice packs or cold compresses, headache hats are wearable and hands-free. This allows individuals to go about their daily activities or rest while wearing the hat, providing continuous relief without the need to hold or secure an ice pack in place.
  5. Drug-free pain relief: Headache hats offer a drug-free alternative for managing headaches and migraines. For individuals who prefer to avoid or reduce the use of medication, these hats can be a non-invasive and natural option to help alleviate pain.

It's important to note that while headache hats can provide temporary relief and comfort, they may not be a solution for underlying medical conditions causing chronic headaches.

Always test the temperature before wearing and never overheat your headache hat. Even at lower temperatures burns can occur when the skin is exposed to heat for too long.

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