Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy Services

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At SuperPharmacyPlus, we stock a large range of compression garments. You can find socks, stockings, sleeves, gloves, and other accessories from leading brands such as Jobst, Medi, Haddenham and Lohmann & Rauscher. We have different sizes, colors, styles, and compression levels to suit your needs.

Compression therapy is not necessarily safe for everyone and it is important that you are properly fitted with the correct size and garment.  Our mobility customer service staff are trained to assist you and offer a free measuring service in store for all class 1 garments and class 2 garments with a valid script.   

But what if you have complex compression needs that require more than just standard products? That’s why we also offer an occupational therapy service. 


Who benefits from compression?

Compression garments are considered best practice for managing conditions such as; 

  • swollen legs, 
  • varicose veins, 
  • lymphoedema, 
  • venous insufficiency, 
  • and lipoedema. 


Compression garments are not only for people with serious health issues. They can also benefit;

  • tired, achy legs from prolonged sitting, standing or working on your feet
  • travelers, 
  • or pregnant women. 


Benefits of compression therapy

Compression therapy can provide many benefits for your health and well-being. Some of the benefits are:

  • Excess fluid/swelling management:  Compression helps the body to move the fluid away from the affected area and expel it from the body.  
  • Wound/ulcer healing and prevention: Compression garments can promote wound healing and prevent ulcers by improving blood flow, reducing edema, and preventing infection.
  • Cellulitis prevention: Cellulitis is a painful bacterial infection of the skin and underlying tissues. Compression garments can prevent cellulitis by reducing the accumulation of fluid and bacteria in the affected area and promote better skin health.
  • Falls risk prevention: Compression garments can improve your balance and stability by reducing the fluid volume in your legs and increasing the sensory feedback from your skin.

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