Department of Veterans' Affairs

Why choose SuperPharmacy Plus?

- Conveniently located in North-Brisbane with fast nation-wide shipping

- Fast fulfillment of order on receipt of RAP, prior to final DVA Authorisation

- On-site allied health professionals and product specialists to assist with product selection

SuperPharmacyPlus provides aids and health equipment to Veterans through the Rehabilitation and Appliances Program (RAP). The Rehabilitation Appliances Program provides aids, equipment and home modifications to help eligible DVA clients to live safely and independently, at home in the community.

SuperPharmacyPlus understands the importance of providing equipment efficiently to benefit the client. We are able to supply equipment prior to funding approval and courier to client to enable seamless and prompt discharge from hospital.

There are a number of health professionals who may be involved in the RAP assessment process. These include all of the following:

  • General Practitioners and Local Medical Officers (GPs and LMOs)
  • Medical Specialists
  • Registered Nurses
  • Allied Health professionals

The RAP National Schedule of Equipment (the Schedule) lists the aids and appliances available through RAP. These items fall into the following broad categories:

  • continence
  • diabetes
  • oxygen and positive airways pressure (PAP)
  • mobility and functional support (MFS)
  • cognitive, dementia and memory assistive technology
  • personal response systems (PRS)
  • falls prevention
  • low vision
  • prosthesis
  • footwear

Our Process

1. Therapist assesses veteran for suitable equipment

2. Complete RAP Order Form (using RAP Schedule Codes) Please note additional relevant information such as weight capacity, height of patient etc

3. Send RAP order to Super Pharmacy Plus

[email protected] | Fax: 07 3355 2693

Call us on 3355 5052 Ext2 to notify of urgent orders

4. SuperPharmacyPlus delivers equipment to veteran.

Delivery to Brisbane area can be arranged for same-day courier pending stock availability (12pm cutoff). 

For Gold Card holders we can deliver prior to final DVA approval