Workers Insurance

Workers Insurance


It is mandatory for all Queensland employers to hold a WorkCover accident insurance policy. There are a number of workers insurance schemes that we work with at SPP. Workcover, GIO, RACQ, TUH, Queensland Rail to name a few. The most common of the insurance bodies is Work Cover Queensland. Work Cover Queensland is a government owned statutory body, providing workers' compensation insurance in Queensland.

Many therapists have built a strong working relationship with SuperPharmacyPlus and refer clients for the provision of equipment for hire or purchase following worker’s injury. We realise that for therapist and client alike, time is always of the essence and always aim to have health equipment provided to enable discharge from hospital or return home.

There are three main stakeholders of Equipment provision for workers insurance claims:

  • Referring therapist,
  • Workers insurance case manager,
  • Client

At SuperPharmacyPlus we understand that communication often runs between all three of these stakeholders and aim to make this a seamless process of invoicing and equipment provision for all stakeholders. Please send referrals or enquiries to our email.

Or please click here for a quote on equipment for your client.