Home Care Packages

The Home Care Packages Program provides Australians over 65 who want to continue living at home with access to a range of ongoing personal services, support services and clinical care that help them with their day-to-day activities. It is a federally funded program and is part of the Australian Government’s continuum of care for older people in Australia.

At SuperPharmacyPlus Mobility we understand that health equipment can be vital in maintaining independence and safety of a person living at home. We aim to assist therapists and clients with reliable and efficient service. We have developed an easy process for therapists who need to trial equipment at home with clients.

For Therapists:

Simply use the form below to request a trial of equipment. We will get the items ready for you to collect and trial. If the equipment is successful and the client has sufficient funds please notify us by email, leave the equipment with the client and we will manage the invoicing process.


If you require a written quote for approval of items before the trial please click below.