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Feb 07, 2024

RICE: How to Deal with Strains and Sprains

RICE: The How to of Sprains and Strains PHARMACIST / PUBLISHED: MAY-2023 Sprains are a prevalent type of injury that can affect anyone, from athletes to everyday individuals. Whether it's a twisted ankle during a sports activity or a misstep on uneven ground, sprains can cause pain and discomfort, temporarily limiting our mobility. Understanding what sprains ar …
May 30, 2023 [email protected] BigCommerce

Should I Be Taking A Collagen Supplement?

Should I Be Taking a Collagen Supplement? PHARMACIST / PUBLISHED: MAY-23-23 Collagen supplements are widely marketed as a way to improve skin elasticity, promote joint health, and support overall well-being. These supplements contain a concentrated form of collagen, a protein found in our bodies that helps maintain the strength and structure of nearly all conn …
May 22, 2023 [email protected] BigCommerce


Scabies: What's That Itch! WHAT'STHATITCH! Posted by Our Pharmacists, 27th October 2022 What Is Scabies? (Aetiology / Epidemiology) Scabies is a dermatological condition caused by the arachnid mite Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis. This barely visible mite is ho …
Oct 26, 2022 Pharmacist
The Role of Occupational Therapy in Pain Management

The Role of Occupational Therapy in Pain Management

Occupational Therapy is one of the lesser understood roles of the Allied Healthcommunity. There is a general understanding of what physiotherapists andpsychologists do to help those in need, but when it comes to occupationaltherapy, unless there has been past experience with one, people are often inthe dark. It is not surprising then, that there is little understandingof the role of occupational therapy in the oft misunderstood area of persistentpain. Let me attempt to demystify it for you.Wha …
Oct 21, 2022 Larissa B.OccThy (Occupational Therapist)