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How to use a Sitz Bath

Posted by Pharmacist on 12th Jul 2021

How to use a Sitz BathSitz baths are a great way to soothe an uncomfortable area after any kind of corrective surgery. It can be helpful to have a warm bath after any kind of dental work to help relie … read more

Crutches - Types of Crutches

Posted by Occupational Therapist on 17th Mar 2020

Crutches – Types of CrutchesWhen you suddenly find the need for walking support it can be quite daunting to wade through the many options on offer. This search may be due to injury or for post-surge … read more

Incontinence - How To Choose Incontinence Products

2nd Mar 2020

IncontinenceHow To Choose Incontinence ProductsProblems with bladder control can increase as you get older, this is known as ‘incontinence’. According to the Continence Foundation of Australia, alm … read more
Bed Wetting

Bed Wetting

2nd Mar 2020

Bed WettingBedwetting, also called nocturnal enuresis, has implications, which are often underestimated by both the community and those advising on its treatment. It places a huge burden on the whol … read more

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