Class III (30-40mmHg)

Class III (30-40mmHg)

Category Description:
The Class III (30-40mmHg) product category offers a range of highly effective compression bandages and kits designed to provide targeted therapy for individuals facing complex and severe venous disorders. These products are carefully engineered to deliver medical-grade compression, ensuring optimal support and relief for patients with various medical conditions.

Within this category, the Jobst Compri2 | 30-40mmHg Compression Bandage stands as a trusted companion for those seeking superior compression therapy. This bandage offers precise control over pressure levels, helping to address edema, lymphedema, and other serious vascular issues. Crafted with attention to detail, Jobst Compri2 ensures comfort and an accurate fit, promoting circulation and reducing the risk of complications.

Another remarkable product in this range is the Circaid Reduction Kit Arm, which targets lymphedema-related concerns in the upper limbs. This comprehensive kit provides step-by-step guidance on adapting to lifestyle changes and incorporates specially designed garments to facilitate the management of swelling and inflammation. The Circaid Reduction Kit Arm assists patients in regaining control over their lives by empowering them to effectively treat their lymphedema.

For individuals seeking a convenient solution for arm compression, the Circaid Juxtafit Essentials Arm offers a practical and customizable option. This easy-to-use compression garment is designed with patient comfort in mind, utilizing an adjustable design that allows for an optimal fit and effective treatment. The Juxtafit Essentials Arm aids in reducing edema, managing venous ulcers, and supporting post-surgical healing.

The Class III (30-40mmHg) category products are primarily intended for patients who require higher levels of compression to address their specific medical conditions. These products play a vital role in promoting healthy circulation, reducing pain and discomfort, and preventing further complications associated with severe venous disorders.

In summary, the Class III (30-40mmHg) product category offers a diverse selection of compression bandages and kits designed to provide comprehensive support for individuals with complex venous disorders. These products, including the Jobst Compri2 | 30-40mmHg Compression Bandage, Circaid Reduction Kit Arm, and Circaid Juxtafit Essentials Arm, are tailored to address specific needs, promoting improved circulation, reducing swelling, and empowering patients to better manage their conditions. With their medical-grade compression and attention to patient comfort, these products are an essential resource for individuals requiring higher levels of compression therapy.
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