Plastic Sitz Bath

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  • Plastic Sitz Bath MedPro SuperPharmacyPlus
  • Plastic Sitz Bath MedPro SuperPharmacyPlus
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Sitz Bath Fits most standard toilet bowls. Edges are slightly contoured to assure comfort. Stiz Bath made from durable plastic.
Comes complete with tubing and 2000 cc (2 litres) water bag.

Solution bag uses fresh clean water. Use with Epsom or Herbal washes to disinfect and heal. Avoid using soap that dries the skin. The Sitz Bath is easy to sanitise in both hospital and domestic applications. The Sitz solution bag comes with a flexible tube to control the flow of a clean solution to the desired areas. Economic treatment of haemorrhoid piles, post-partum maternity and post-op recovery to soothe inflammation and itchiness. Fits standard toilets without scratching the porcelain. Use with pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts or Angel Herb infusions. 

Our Sitz Bath is made from durable plastic and will fit over most standard toilet bowls. The contoured edges ensure a comfortable fit, and the included tubing allows you to fill your own water bag. This product is specially designed to assist people with poor mobility or arthritis in getting in and out of the shower tub comfortably.


Sitz Bath One year limited warranty.


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