GripSox Anklet

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  • GripSox Anklet GripSox SuperPharmacyPlus


GripSox® is the world's leading form of independently clinically trialled non slip grip socks and in only a short period of time has quickly established itself as an internationally recognized brand and a leader in falls prevention.

GripSox® have been used world wide by more than 200 physiotherapy, pilates and yoga studios and over 150 hospitals and aged care residences for falls prevention. The main feature of GripSox® is a "non-slip" rubberised sole to help with the gripping of equipment, various floor surfaces, and mats.


  • Improve performance.
  • Increase safety.
  • Improve hygiene.
  • Provide warmth.
  • Allow breathability with 95% cotton (essential for exercise).
  • Provide stretch with 5% elastane (important for the patient with swollen feet and ankles).
  • BRAND NEW GripSox Stretch Top® socks provide extra comfort for those individuals with swollen feet and ankles.
  • Latex free.
  • Easily worn over compression stockings.
  • Clinically Trialled in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Used world-wide.
  • Add pure comfort with a seamless toe.
  • Fitted heel to prevent socks rotating around the foot.
  • Non-cushioned for extra grip and foot sensation.
  • Available in different sizes to cater for patient's needs as opposed to the limited "one size fits all" socks.
  • Our specially designed red GripSox® means that high falls risk patients can be easily identified by all allied health staff. No more need for different coloured wrist bands!
  • A reduction in patient falls rates can help reduce an Organisation's financial and insurance costs associated with falls.

GripSox Anklet:

These socks are available in red and black in the following four sizes:

AUS Size 2-8 6-11 11-14 XL

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