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Ethical Nutrients Clinical Estrovera 60 Tablets

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Ethical Nutrients Clinical Estrovera 60 Tablets AustL 348510

Relieve common menopause symptoms. Reduce hot flushes & support healthy libido.

Menopause occurs over three stages, typically starting at 45-50 with perimenopause, where hormone levels start to drop. While the body is transitioning into menopause (and nearing final menstruation), symptoms present differently amongst women throughout the typical 5-10 year cycle. Estrovera contains an exclusive ingredient known as ERr 731™, specifically researched to relieve common menopause symptoms, helping women through perimenopause and menopause. It is an option for women looking to manage their menopause symptoms with a plant-derived alternative.

This product is vegan & vegetarian friendly.



Active Ingredients (Per Tablet)
Rheum rhaponticum, dry root extract 4mg
from dry root (ERr 731™) 84mg



Take 1 mini tablet daily with food or as directed by your pharmacist or healthcare practitioner.

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