Clean Lens Cleaner 60mL

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The Clear Lens Plastic Eyeglass Glass Spectacle Lens Cleaner Solution is specifically formulated for cleaning plastic and glass spectacle lenses as well as sunglasses.

This eyewear cleaning solution is an essential product for all individuals who wear spectacles or sunglasses. It offers an effective and user-friendly solution to keep plastic and glass lenses clean and clear.

The 60ml pump spray bottle is compact and convenient, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

Additionally, its anti-static and anti-mist properties ensure that your lenses remain pristine and clear.

This product is a must-have for anyone who wears eyewear.

Simply spray onto your glasses and wipe off with a lens cloth and your lenses will be looking like new again!


Spray lens surface and polish with a lint-free cloth.


  • For cleaning purpose only.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use on eyes or skin.
  • Do not use with contact lenses or liquid crystal screens.
  • Rinse hands after use if skin is sensitive to alcohol.
  • Do not use on lenses with scratched or damaged surfaces or with peeling or flaking coating.
  • Flammable. Keep away from open flame.
  • Do not use on frames made of tortoise shell or gem
  • Do not use if cap and/or bottle seals are missing or broken

Product Information

The most effective way of cleaning optical lenses is with a specially formulated lens spray combined with an optical microfiber cloth. Use of cloth alone may result in scratching the lens coatings or surfaces. Care must be taken with the use of tissues that may be impregnated with perfumes or other chemicals that will leave a coatings on the lens resulting in smearing.

Lens Cleaning Solution

Quality lens cleaning solutions have particular characteristics. They are made up of water, surfactants, and a drying agent such as a small amount of alcohol.


Water alone will not clean the lenses because the surface tension of water inhibits the removal of grease and grime. To change the surface tension a very small quantity of surfactant is added. This causes the oil and dust to become suspended in the solution, allowing their removal without harming the lenses or sensitive optical coatings.

The quantity and type of surfactant is very important so as not to leave smearing on the lenses, as this will interfere with the visual clarity and also cause ‘starring’ or light flashes when looking into lights at night.

The surfactants have been carefully chosen to avoid such problems.

Anti-mist / Anti-static

Fog particles are microscopic water droplets which diffuse light and make lenses appear cloudy. The addition of a hydrophilic surfactant allows the water droplets to relax by minimising their surface tension so they spread out across the lens, producing a smooth sheet of water. You can see through smooth water as you see through smooth glass. This smooth sheet of water is referred to as ‘wetting’, which is why surfactants are sometimes called ‘wetting agents’. The addition of a hydrophobic surfactant will reduce static electricity on the lens surface. This minimises the attraction of dust particles to the surface of the lens, keeping lenses cleaner for longer.

Australian Made by Clear Lens Pty Ltd

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