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Chuckies Sickness Bags & Wipes 4 Pack

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Chuckies Sickness Bags & Wipes 4 Pack contains 4 sick bags and 4 wet wipes.

Chuckie’s® travel sick bags offer a simple, convenient way to manage sickness in the home or in transit.  They are ideal for any passenger and are a compact, handy addition to any glove-box, hand bag or carry-on luggage.

Discreet and easily disposed, Chuckie’s® sick bags are ideal for travel sickness.  With a lockable seal, Chuckie’s® vomit bags provide a hygienic solution for sickness caused by  migraines, gastro, morning sickness, travel sickness, motion sickness, car sickness, sea sickness and the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Chuckie’s® sick bags can also be used to capture urine, making them ideal for patients and travellers of all ages, who experience those stressful "I can’t hold on" moments!

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