Thermoskin Adjustable Shoulder Stabiliser

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Cutaway design provides protection, warmth and support for shoulder instability, arthritis or tendon conditions. Customised straps contour to either shoulder and featuring a removal V- Stability System, providing extra support and stability at stages of shoulder rehabilitation. The cutaway design ensures that there is no restriction of movement in other body parts. 


1. Firmly position the product on the affected shoulder (either left or right), with the seam running directly over the shoulder blade. 

2. With the chest strap open to the front, place the shorter strap across the chest and feed the longer strap under the opposite arm and through the buckle of the short strap, pull taut until comfortable.

3. Wrap bicep strap around bicep until firm and fix in place. 

V-stabiliser option

Place the V-Stabiliser System on a table, so that straps A, B and C are laid flat. 

Position Tab (i) on the bicep strap, making sure strap C is along the mid-line of the shoulder. 

Attach strap A to the chest then attach strap B to the back.

Attach strap C to the mid-line shoulder. Adjust straps accordingly for additional stability.

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