Suprasorb G 10 x 10 cm | Absorbent Hydrogel Dressing

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**Single Dressing Only**

Suprasorb® G Gel Wound Dressing is a non-adhesive, high water content hydrogel dressing which draws out impurities from the wound surface and exchanges moisture. Suprasorb® G Gel Wound Dressing may be used as a wound contact layer, providing cooling and soothing as well as exudate absorption and retention even under compression. Primarily for burns, scalds, radiation therapy damage, epidermal damage and leg ulcers, Suprasorb® G Gel Wound Dressing can also help manage nociceptive wound pain and assist in autolytic debridement by hydration of necrotic and sloughy tissue to promote the proliferation of healthy tissue. Suprasorb® G Gel Wound Dressing is suitable for use on painful wounds, and it may be used with secondary dressings where appropriate. Suprasorb® G Gel Wound Dressing can be used under compression on moderate to highly exuding wounds. This dressing is non-adherent and virtually painless to remove, perfect for painful wounds such as burns and ulcers which also require exudate management

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