RIPsnore Anti Snoring Device | 2 Pack

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Ripsnore - Two Devices

The Ripsnore, a mandibular advancement device, is designed and manufactured by Australians. The device is designed to minimise the effects of snoring on the user.

The Ripsnore, when moulded and worn correctly will slightly extend the user's lower jaw thereby increasing the clearance between the back of the throat and the tongue. This increased clearance will help keep the upper airway open which will reduce the frequency and volume of snoring. As Ripsnore fits over the teeth it can also be used to treat teeth grinding.

The Ripsnore device allows your jaw to move freely whilst providing the support needed to open your airways naturally. It's the easy to use preferred device that fits your individual mouth. The unique mould ensures the most superior fitting to help to relieve your snoring symptoms without the discomfort that pre-moulded "out of the box" designs can cause. 

The device when correctly fitted and used should last between 6-18 months. The frequency of device replacement depends on both the force of the lower jaw pushing back on the device, thus changing the moulded shape, and whether or not the user grinds or clenches their teeth.


  • It is NOT suitable for use by children.
  • It is NOT to be used as a cure for obstructive sleep apnoea.
  • It should NOT be used by people with tooth or gum problems or epilepsy.
  • People with dentures or those who do not have a full set of teeth should consult the dentist before using the device.
  • If you use topical oral medications, pastes or lotions, do NOT use the device on the same night as it may react with some applications.
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