Walking Frame Accessories

Walking Frame Accessories

Walking Frame Accessories are essential add-ons for individuals who rely on walking frames for support and mobility. Designed to enhance the functionality and convenience of walking frames, these accessories offer an array of options to improve comfort, safety, and mobility for users.

One of the key accessories in this category is the 5" Wheel Walker Extension Leg - Pair. This accessory provides an easy solution for individuals who require a taller walking frame height, accommodating their specific needs. With a weight capacity of 112kg, this product ensures stability and durability, allowing users to confidently maneuver their walking frames with ease.

Another popular accessory within this category is the Fold-N-Go Glide Socks Pair. These socks are specifically designed to reduce the friction between the walking frame and the floor, enabling smoother gliding movements. This feature not only increases maneuverability but also prevents unnecessary strain on joints, ensuring a more comfortable walking experience. The foldable design of these socks makes them practical and easy to carry, enabling users to conveniently transport them anywhere.

In addition to these specific products, the Walking Frame Accessories category encompasses a wide range of items aimed at fulfilling diverse needs. Examples include trays and baskets that provide a platform for carrying personal belongings, ensuring users can bring essentials with them on their journeys. Other accessories include brakes, which enhance safety by providing additional stability and control.

Furthermore, the category offers a variety of seating attachments, enabling users to rest comfortably when needed. These attachments can be easily attached to the walking frame, providing a convenient solution for individuals who may experience fatigue or require frequent breaks during their walks.

Regardless of the specific accessory, each product within this category aims to enhance the overall experience of using a walking frame. Whether it is improving maneuverability, increasing safety, or providing comfort, walking frame accessories offer practical solutions and cater to the unique requirements of individuals seeking assistance with their mobility.

In conclusion, Walking Frame Accessories play a crucial role in providing individuals with an enhanced walking experience. Through a variety of products such as the 5" Wheel Walker Extension Leg - Pair and Fold-N-Go Glide Socks Pair, this category offers practical and innovative solutions to improve comfort, safety, and mobility. With an extensive range of attachments available, users can customize their walking frames to suit their specific needs, ensuring they can move with confidence and remain independent.
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  • 5 Wheel Walker Extension Leg - Pair or Wt Cap 112kg PQUIP SuperPharmacyPlus

    5" Wheel Walker Extension Leg - Pair | Wt Cap 112kg


    These Leg Extensions give you the option of converting a walking frame into a wheeled walker By tilting the walking frame, the castor wheel allows it to roll smoothly thereby allowing the user to move without having to lift the frame It is recommended...
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