Flo Travel Nasal Spray | 20mL

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Flo Travel Nasal Spray helps hydrate the nasal tissues (for 4 hours) and can help shorten the duration of cold symptoms*. Flo Travel’s two key ingredients help keep the nose happy, healthy and hydrated. It contains:

Carrageenan (red seaweed extract) – binds to the nasal tissues and retains moisture.
Isotonic, preservative-free saline solution – washes away germs and other airborne irritants.

When travelling by plane or working in air-conditioned offices, nasal tissues become dried out and mucus transportation in the nose slows right down. The lower humidity and lower temperatures, can adversely affect nasal functioning. As a result of this drying effect in the nose, the nasal immunity may be more susceptible to airborne irritants and viruses like the common cold. Flo Travel is a positive step towards keeping your nose hydrated and healthy whilst on the go.

Flo Travel Benefits

Effective nasal spray – helps hydrates nasal tissues and wash away germs.

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