Difflam Plus Anaesthetic Throat Spray | Watermelon Flavour | 225 Sprays

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Difflam Plus Anaesthetic Throat Spray | Watermelon Flavour | 225 Sprays Aust R 322041

When 8/10 sore throats are caused by viruses and not bacteria, you want more than an antibacterial solution.

Most other sore throat solutions contain an antibacterial and nothing to relieve the painful inflammation, which is the main cause of sore throats.

Difflam, with an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY ingredient, Benzydamine, is clinically proven to reduce swelling and pain caused by inflammation.

Difflam’s TRIPLE ACTION formula contains an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, an antibacterial, and anaesthetic, which targets the source of pain and provides a higher level of sore throat pain relief.


Alcohol (15% v/v), Benzoates, Sucralose. 


Do not use this medicine - In children under 12 years. - If past the expiry date. - If you are allergic to benzydamine or other anti-inflammatory medicines. If an allergic reaction occurs, stop taking and see your doctor immediately. See your doctor or pharmacist before use - If you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant. While using this medicine - Do not inhale this product. - Use with care if you are asthmatic. - Due to the anaesthetic effect, do not ingest hot food or drink directly after using the spray. - Avoid contact with eyes.


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