Conni Kids Toilet Training Kit

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  • Conni Kids Toilet Training Kit Conni SuperPharmacyPlus
  • Conni Kids Toilet Training Kit Conni SuperPharmacyPlus


Conni Kids Toilet Training Kit

A fun way to encourage kids into dry nights. Each kit contains a bright and colourful Conni poster, smiley stickers, Conni Kids achievement certificate, plus tips and advice for parents. 

The Conni Kids Toilet Training Kits can be used as a motivational aid for other learning areas apart from toilet training which can assist with incontinence.

This kit is designed to assist parents overcome toilet training difficulties and promote healthy habits and self-discipline for children. 

These Include:

Encouraging children to eat their veggies. Good nutrition is important in the treatment of incontinence especially bowel incontinence.

Encouraging children to drink plenty of water and healthy fluids each day. Kids must drink a healthy amount of water or fruit juice to help with continence training.

Encouraging children to take quiet time to ‘sit on the toilet' to build healthy habits.

This kit is used by continence nurses across Australia and has proven to be effective for children of all ages.

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