Betaglucare Oat Crispy Hearts Sachet | 28 x 25g

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Betaglucare Oat Crispy Hearts Sachet | 28 x 25g


  • Made from high quality Scandinavian oats, Betagucare is 100% pure oat bran
  • 28 daily sachets per box
  • Reduces your LDL cholesterol and blood glucose after meals when eaten daily in the required quantity
  • Both claims approved by Food Standards Australia New Zealand * The powder is ideal for reduce blood glucose levels after meals


There are no know interactions with medications

Common Uses

1) Reduces LDL cholesterol. If you are taking cholesterol medication, Betaglucare can be added to your diet to reduce cholesterol levels even further. Effects will be seen after a minimum of 8 weeks, at which point we recommend a blood test and consultation with your doctor. Betaglucare added to your diet is an effective way to reduce LDL cholesterol if you are borderline to going onto medication.
 2) Reduces blood glucose levels after meals. Betaglucare may be consumed to complement your diabetes medication or can be an alternative to medication if your blood glucose levels are only slightly elevated. Consume it before and with your main meal, test yourself 2 hours after the meal to see the results.


Betaglucare Powder is 100% pure oat bran and contains a soluble fibre, betaglucan. It is high in fibre and low GI (< 10)


It has a mild oat flavour and can be added to a smoothie. You can also mix it with a natural juice or sprinkle it on your breakfast cereal. Morning is best to consume for cholesterol reduction. For blood glucose reduction have it in a smoothie before and with your main meal (when eating carbs).
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