Aero Burn

Aero Burn Gel Dressing 10x10cm

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  • Aero Burn Gel Dressing 10x10cm  by  available at SuperPharmacy Plus
  • Aero Burn Gel Dressing 10x10cm  by  available at SuperPharmacy Plus


Aeroburn Burn Gel Dressings offer immediate, rapid cooling, thereby, helping to prevent further tissue damage, relieve pain and help with the healing process.

AeroBurn Burn Gel Dressings hydrate the burn site giving relief from pain and encouraging faster healing.

AeroBurn Burn Gel Dressings are non adherent and non-toxic, ensuring minimal irritation and maximum relief for the wound.

Easy to Use

AeroBurn Burn Gel Dressings offer more effective relief for burn wounds than traditional methods, as well as being more cost effective. The burn dressing can simply remain in situ for up to 2 hours, providing relief with minimal attention or redressing or cooling using running water.

If necessary, lightly secure the Gel Dressing with a bandage, Do not apply pressure.


If irritation, swelling or pain persists or increases, or a rash or infection develops, discontinue use and consult a physician. Seek immediate medical attention if burns are severe or cover more than 10% of body surface area.


Propylene glycol, glycerine, silicone emulsion and carbomer



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