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  • Slide Sheet Large

Slide Sheet Large

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  • Evocare Slide Sheet

    • The sheet has a Low Friction Transfer Surface for easier transfers.
    • Evocare Slide Sheets are a continuous loop of fabric designed to significantly
    • reduce the force required to reposition patients and the loop saves folding one
    • sheet or trying to line up two sheets together.
    • The fabric is made to glide easily in all directions. The outer is water resistant 
    • polyester. The inside is special treated low fric7on polyester. The stuffing in the padded 
    • slide sheet is hollow polyester fibre.

    Standard Slide Sheets: LM53013 Large (1350mm x 1000mm)

    Slide sheets are useful for tasks requiring multiple turning or rolling, such as a bed bath for a client. They reduce friction so less force is needed to move the client. Slide sheets are for temporary use and should not be left under a client.

    What research literature says about transfer assist devices:

    • The use of friction–reducing transfer devices significantly reduces the forces required for transferring patients between surfaces compared with using a draw sheet.
    • The products available vary in their effectiveness at reducing forces and awkward postures.
    • The use of transfer devices in combination requires less force than when using only one device.
    • Patients report a greater feeling of comfort and security before, during, and after transfers.
    • Caregivers report lower perceived exertion to shoulders, upper back, low back, and body when using friction–reducing devices to handle patients. 


    • Repositioning of a person on the bed.
    • Turning a person over in bed.
    • Assisting with transfers into and out of a car.
    • Repositioning a person in a chair.

    • Two layers work best - the Evocare loop slide sheet is two sides ready for
    use. No need to fold a single slide sheet or position two together.
    • To effect the transfer, work with the top layer only with open ends of slide
    sheet at right angle to the direction of the intended move.
    • For the carers best posture use a lunge position with the palm of the
    hands facing up.
    • The person being assisted should be encouraged to assist in the transfer
    as much as possible - They could have a hand or foot off the slide sheet
    to help with pushing.
    • Slide slowly and do not attempt to lift the person being moved.
    • The carer uses their bodyweight and legs in a lunge position to effect the
    • For car transfers the slide sheet is placed on the car seat to assist the
    person to swivel their legs in or out of the car. Always remove slide sheet
    when the transfer is complete.
    Repositioning in bed:
    • Warning: When turning, there is a risk of the patient rolling out of the other
    side of the bed; either use another carer providing support, use of a raised
    bed rail or wall.
    • Ensure the bed is at the correct height (between carer’s hip and waist) with
    the brakes on.
    • To place the slide sheets under the patient, the carer rolls the patient on
    their side and places slide sheets under hips or shoulders or both. Roll the
    patient back onto the slide sheet(s).
    • With a carer on each side hold the top part of the slide sheet (palms up)
    and using bodyweight and legs move the patient up the bed. Repeat the
    process by carers repositioning their hands on the slide sheet(s) and again
    using their body weight and legs to move the patient, until the patient is in
    the desired position.
    • Remove the slide sheet(s) by rolling the patient on their side. Or to remove
    slide sheet from under patient, the carer uses a lunge posture and pulls the
    bottom part of the slide sheet diagonally from under the patient. This
    ensures there are no shear forces on the patient, as the slide sheet slides
    on itself and rolls out from under the patient.

    Important Safety Information:
    • Please ensure these instructions are fully read and implemented. Failure
    to do so may result in injury to the Client or Carer.
    • Retain these instructions in a safe place for future reference.
    • Persons using a Slide Sheet should have received appropriate training or
    • Transfers should only be attempted following a comprehensive risk
    assessment of the client and environment, and should be performed in
    accordance with local Moving & Handling Guidelines.

    Intended Use:
    • Designed by moving and handling consultants, Slide Sheets are easy to
    use, versatile moving and handling tools, which allows a variety of safe
    and comfortable transfer and positioning tasks, without the need for
    • Constructed from lightweight and durable doubled fabric, the sheet allows
    glide between two surfaces, reducing skin friction for the user and making
    transfers easier for the carer. Available in three sizes for standard and
    padded, see tables, with small slide sheets suitable for placing
    underneath the heels and ankles.

    • The Slide Sheet should be cleaned at regular intervals in accordance with
    local infection control procedures.
    • Remove any material from the slide sheet.
    • Wash with warm water and detergent, either by hand or machine wash warm
    at 70ºC for 30 minutes
    • Do not use bleach, biological detergents or detergents containing bleach.
    • Do not spot clean with strong chemicals.
    • Do not iron.
    • Do not dry clean.
    • Do not use a dryer - Air dry at low temperatures.
    • Replace slide sheets that are showing signs of wear.

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