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Packing Plus | Medico Pak - Packed by my pharmacist, just for me!

Personalised Medication Packs are usually packed once a month (4 lots of weekly packs). Your prescriptions are held at the pharmacy and processed only when required for packing and your Safety Net entitlements are automatically calculated. For more information or a sample pack, please contact our pharmacists.


Medico Pak is a simple but very effective way of managing your medication and is able to be used by all age groups from young people to the elderly. Medico Pak has been designed to make it easy to carry your individual daily doses with you wherever you go in sturdy, blister paks.


Do you or someone in your family take multiple medications?

Do you want to ensure you give your medications the greatest chance to work effectively?

Do you have a busy social life that takes you out and about?

Does your schedule have you between home, office and meetings?

Would you just like a smarter, simpler and safer way to organise your medications?

Then, Medico Pak is perfect for you

Medico Pak

  • Ensures you get the full benefits of your medications by reducing your chance of under or overdosing
  • Packed by your pharmacist, you can easily see if your medication has been taken
  • Clear instructions for a single dose, daily or weekly doses of your medications
  • Portable and discrete for busy people
  • Maintains your independence and peace of mind with one easy pack that you control

Medico Pak is trusted by health professionals such as pharmacists, doctors, nurses and carers. Your pharmacist or doctor are the best professionals to advise whether you will benefit from a Medico Pak. 

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