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Medication Aids





Have you ever run out of a medicine or misplaced your repeat prescriptions? We know you make every attempt to take your medicines as directed, but if you sometimes forget to refill or take your medicines, SuperPharmacyPlus can help.



Have you medicines packed in see through blister packs with the right dose, for the right time of day, so you don't forget to take your medicines even if you are away from home. Click here for more information about our

blister pack medication PackingPlus service. SuperPharmacyPlus uses the latest in robotic technology to pack these MedicoPaks, ensuring greater accuracy, safety and convenience for you. Many of our customers have found blister pack medication has helped them to effectively manage their medications and has made medication calculation much easier. For those with busy lifestyles blister pack medication can make travelling with medication much more manageable. 



Home Medicines Review


A Home Medicines Review (HMR) allows you to sit down (usually in the comfort of your own home) with a pharmacist and review your medications. You'll get the chance to ask any questions about your medicines. The pharmacist will then prepare a report for your GP that may include suggestions to improve your treatment. You may be eligible for a free Home Medicines Review if you:


  • take more than 5 medicines
  • have had a recent discharge from hospital
  • think you are experiencing a side-effect from a medicine
  • have trouble managing your medicines, OR
  • see a number of different doctors.



Would you like a comprehensive list of all your medicines or medication chart even including those you don't get on prescription? Our pharmacists can prepare a list for you - view a sample list now! This inexpensive service allows you to have the list updated at your leisure and can be a great medication reminder and dosage tracker.





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