Curasept Biosmalto Toothpaste Caries Abrasion Erosion | 75ml

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Curasept Biosmalto Toothpaste Caries Abrasion Erosion | 75ml


Due to its unique and effective formulation, BioSmalt Toothpaste Curasept helps to rebuild and remineralize enamel and dentin. The Curasept BioSmalt Caries Protection Toothpaste is particularly suitable for:

  • Prevent caries lesions and inhibit the formation of bacterial plaque.
  • Reminalize and rebuild enamel and dentin damaged by initial carious lesions, brushing and chewing abrasions, acid erosions or gastroesophageal reflux.

Enamel and dentin are the hard tissues of the teeth and are attacked daily by external agents that cause the formation of bacterial plaque responsible for problems such as caries, erosion and abrasion of the teeth. Unfortunately, once enamel and dentin are damaged, they are unable to repair themselves. It is therefore essential to take care of the enamel of your teeth. BioSmalt Toothpaste, thanks to two microcrystalline substances (Fluorine — Hydroxyapatite and Bio — Active Complex) which act synergistically to rebuild the enamel and dentin of deciduous and permanent teeth. The formula enriched with magnesium ions. strontium and fluorine also increases resistance to caries, erosion and abrasion. The use of Biosmalt Toothpaste is also useful after dental treatments such as tartar ablation and whitening. and is also ideal for patients with orthodontic appliances. Curasept Biosmalto has an innovative formula resulting from 7 years of completely Italian research carried out in collaboration with the laboratories of the Institute of Science and Technology of Ceramic Materials of the CNR.


Purified water, glycerin, xylitol, fluoro hydroxyapatite, mg-sr-carbonate hydroxyapatite conjugated with chitosan, cellulose gum, cocamidopropyl betaine, potassium acesulfame, xanthan gum, aroma, phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, aroma, citric acid. 

Directions for Use: 

It is recommended to use BioSmalt Toothpaste daily at least twice a day. There is no need to rinse after brushing your teeth. The association with the
Curasept BioSmalto Caries Protection mouthwash guarantees enhanced results. Toothpaste for adults. 

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