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Four million Australians have bladder control problems at some point in their lives. A further one million have poor bowel control.

Continence solutions

continence-bladder-issues.jpg Our experienced staff can assist you discreetly with product selection and any concerns you may have. You'll save on our large range of continence products AND we offer free delivery of bulk orders. We can also assist you in applying for the Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS), where you can receive up to $572.30 a year for continence products. Ask us for more information today.

We can also supply urinary catheters, please ask our staff.

Continence downloads:

CAPS Application Form CAPS Application Form


Our staff can assist with bedwetting issues. We hire the Ramsey Coote alarm and bed-pad system and we sell an inexpensive bedwetting alarm system.

The Ramsey Coote Instruments’ product has an alarm control unit and this is attached to a bed-pad. The bed-pad is situated so that the child’s bottom is resting on it while they are asleep. It has been designed so that the urine goes into the grooves of the pad and a minimum of a tablespoon of urine will set off the alarm once it hits the sensors in the pad.

The alarm has been designed to ring at a high frequency, which will help arouse the sleep child once the bed-pad has been wet, simultaneously a light in the alarm will switch on. The aim is to get the child awake as soon as possible and get them to switch the alarm off. 

We have a large range of continence aids and products to help you live a full and functional life. These include incontinence pads or underwear products.

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SuperPharmacyPlus stocks a large range of products suitable for your needs, sending goods across Australia and around the world. If you are printing this in order to come into our physical store, make sure to call ahead so that you are not disappointed in the even that we have sold out, or need to order the product in specially for you. We hope that you find just the right thing for you.