Cannology Cannamax Plus 10ml— Oral Pain Relief Tincture

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Cannology Cannamax Plus 10ml— Oral Pain Relief Tincture

Are you suffering from sleeping problems, inflammatory-related pain, feelings of sadness, stress, or anxiety? Are you looking for a natural remedy to not only assist in relieving these symptoms but also to support your immune system and promote general health and wellbeing?


Australian owned Cannamax Plus is an oral terpene-based tincture that may assist with these issues and promote general health. This formulation is designed for systemic relief and oral administration, for topical or targeted treatment please see our other products.


Potential Health Benefits:

  • Inflammatory Pain Relief- Reduces symptoms of painful inflammatory-related conditions such as arthritis
  • Anxiety/Depression - Balances mood and relieves feelings of sadness, stress and anxiety
  • Insomnia/Sleeping Problems - Aids sleep and relax the body and mind
  • Immune System Support - Protects cell linings and promotes healthy gut bacteria 



  • 100% Beta-Caryophyllene Oil (Made in Portland, USA)



Results will vary for each person. For best results, experiment with dosage and preferred method of use.

Place the drops under your tongue and wait 1-2 minutes for them to dissolve. Avoid swallowing or generating saliva as this is the easiest way to absorb the oil into your bloodstream and avoid dilution.



Start with 2 drops morning and night for 3 days. Increase dose by 2 drops every 3 days if needed. (max 6 drops per dose)

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